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Apple’s music streaming service has slashed its monthly price by half for Kenyan subscribers. The subscription-based music streaming service has, in the recent past, also doubled its 3-month trial period to six months of full subscription for free.

Apple Music’s personal plan now costs just $2.99 per month, which is barely Ksh 350, in local currency. The streaming service wants to pull in more new subscribers with its extended trial period which, if one subscribes today, should be able to start paying the minimal subscription fee as the year closes or early 2021.

The student plan is even cheaper – priced at $1.49 per month, while the family plan now goes at a tiny $4.99, which supports up to six people each having their own profiles. Apple Music has a strong foothold in the streaming business, although still trails behind Sweden born Spotify.

The recent slash in prices – at least in Kenya – shows the company’s thirst to add more subscribers as it seeks to capture more market share before its rival Spotify arrives. Apple has released iterations of Apple Music for the web and expanded to more countries in Africa towards the end of April. The company has also recently availed its music streaming app on the latest Samsung TV models from 2018.

Apple’s music streaming service offers a vibrant music catalog of about 60 million songs – both local and international – and is available across multiple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows PC, and even Android.

Key features of the app include automatic downloads for offline listening, a rich list of curated playlists, lyrics to sing along to your favorite music, and the basic media controls.  

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