Fena Gitu – Siri (Official Music Video HD)

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Fenamenal Entertainment presents “Siri” by Fena Gitu, off her sophomore album “Unleashed”.

Music video directed by CJ Pixels & KG Brian
Starring Dela Maranga, Wanjira Longauer, Dr. Reign and Skinnyfilmmaker
Makeup by MakeUp City
Shot on Location at Ibis Styles Nairobi

Music Produced by Kanyeria
Written by Trufena “Fena” Gitu
Additional guitars by Tugi Mulamba
Additional Vocals by Nuru Mnjama
Mastered by iLogosMusic


Sitaki mimi kufanya makosa (I don’t wanna make mistakes)
Penzi hili linafanya nakosa huh (This love is making me make mistakes)
Sikiri, nikikiri siri (I won’t tell, coz if I tell our secret)
Nitadhiri (dhuru) wawili, Akili Zitaoza (I will hurt two, and minds deranged)
Marafiki watazidi ongea (Friends will keep talking)
Wanafiki wazidi kuombewa (Keep praying for the hypocrites)
Usikiri, Usikiri Siri (Don’t tell, Please don’t tell our secret)
Wacha ibaki hivi, Kati wewe na mimi (Let it stay this way, between you & me)

Hivi ndivo naona (This is how I see it)
Vile naona (How I see it)
Hivi ndivo naona (This is how I see it)
Vile naona (How I see it)
Usikiri Siri, usikiri siri (Don’t tell our secret)
ukikiri siri, usikiri siri (And If you do tell, just don’t tell our secret)
Hivi ndivo naona (This is how I see it)
Vile naona (How I see it)

Keep it between me and you
Nobody affi know what we do
Are we fooling around, are we cheating
But your forbidden fruit so sweet
I wanna scream it out loud
Everytime you take it down low
On the low
On the low

Usikiri Siri, Usikiri siri
Ukikiri siri, usikiri siri
Hivi ndivo naona
Vile naiona

Ona vile Nai
Ona vile Nai
Ona vile Nai
Naiona vile Nai x4


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    Asin I have loved this song upon hearing it… Big ups Fena and the people who produced this song and video… This to show the struggles that most people in the LGBTQ community genuinely.. With people being secretive with there sexuality because we still living in a society where u can get imprisoned and rejected and suppose u come out u have no idea if the person ur with is taking u seriously 🀷


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