Fortnite Players on Apple Devices To Loose Cross-play Support Today

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The Apple-Fortnite tussle is eventually trickling down to the games’ players on Apple devices. The fight escalated to new heights after Epic Games’ insulting update to Fortnite, which provided a way for users to pay for in-app purchases directly evading Apple’s 30 per cent cut.

Apple wasn’t happy as that violated its App Store rules. The company kicked the app off its App Store as a result. 

Fortnite gamers on Apple devices are going to be left out — as the game will be sort of split into two. Fortnite gamers on Apple’s ecosystem won’t be able to play the games’ upcoming season (Chapter 2 – Season 4) set to ship today. This is because Epic Games cant provide an update to players of Apple devices.

They will, therefore, additionally, lose access to cross-play against gamers on other platforms.  But all is not lost – to some extent – if you still have friends to play with who have an Apple device. The only caveat is Fortnite players on iOS and macOS won’t be able to play with gamers on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Switch, and Android.

Strangely enough, macOS users can’t cross-play as well, given the fact that Epic Games distributes Fortnite on the platform via the Epic Games Store. But that is what you expect when two companies rub shoulders – the effects are spread wider even where it doesn’t specifically have to apply.

Apple remains bold on its stance and seems not interested to cut a special deal for Epic. The company said it’s open to relist Fortnite on the App Store, as long as the publisher conforms to its rules — in this case, the 30 per cent cut.

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