Google Duo now Supports up to 12 People in Group Calls

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As the coronavirus outbreak continues to take the world by
storm, work from home has been championed by companies and even governments to
reduce the number of infections.

Google Duo, now one of the most viable work-from-home apps
that help you keep in touch with your employees and loved ones, has stepped the
number of people that can be involved in a group call.

Starting today, Google Duo now allows up to 12 people in
group calls. The move comes at a time when its most needed, as more people seek
to connect with others via social and messaging platforms.

The outbreak seems to have been the driving factor, according to Sanaz Ahari, Senior Director of Product & Design at Google.

“We recognize group calling is particularly critical
right now. We have increased group calling from 8 participants to 12 effective
today,” she said on Twitter.

The new capability has been seeded out via the server-side, so you don’t need to update your Google Duo app first. Sanaz Ahari also said there’s “more to come” from Google.  

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