How to Use Emulator and ROMs to Play Old Archived Games on your PC?

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Modern PCs, mobile devices, and video game consoles are quite advanced. Today’s games seem almost realistic like a movie in which you can control the character and do whatever you want. Old classic PC games were not that good, but they were wonderful.

You may have played several MS-DOS games if you were born during the 80s and 90s. All those classic games led developers to create something new. Consequently, we got today’s amazing video games.

All the millennials sometimes miss those old-school PC games. What if you could play those amazing games again to relive your childhood memories? Is it possible to do? Yes, it is possible to do. Gamulator is offering thousands of old archived games to play on PC.

Continue reading and you will learn how you can play your favourite childhood video games on your PC.

What do you need?

First of all, you need a standard PC to play old video games. Besides, you will also need a PC emulator and video game ROMs or your favourite classic video games.

An emulator program creates a suitable environment to run old PC games smoothly on any modern Windows PC or Mac PC. Visit Gamulator and you will find the “Emulators” option at the top-left corner of this website.

Here you will find emulator programs for all the popular old-school video game consoles. Decide which video game consoles video games you want to play and then search it in the archive. The emulator will pop-up in the search result and then you can download it.

Gamulator provides an emulator program for various platforms, such as Windows, Android, Xbox, PS2, etc. Select the platform and then download it. The download will complete in a few minutes and then you can install the chosen emulator program on your PC.

Video game emulator programs do not contain any game. Consider it software or application that turns your PC into that particular video game console for a while. It won’t feature any of your favourite classic video game. That’s why you need ROM files.

These ROM files are classic and retro video games. Create a list of all your favourite old-archived video games. Now visit Gamulator again to search these video game files. This platform provides all the ROM files for free. Download each game one by one and store it on the same location on your PC.

Launch the emulator program and play the game:

Find the location of recently installed emulator program and double-click to launch it. This program will open like any other application but it will create an entirely different environment to run the retro video game.

Now go to file and then click on the “Open” button to browse the location of ROM files. Search the target folder where all the ROM files are stored and let the emulator scan. It will identify all the files and then you can pick a game to play.

Click on a game you want to play and that emulator program will run it for you. It will be a nostalgic experience to play that game after such a long time. The controls will be a bit different. You can customize all the controls to control the movement of in-game characters.

The entire process will hardly take 2 or 3 minutes and then you will be playing your beloved classic video game on your PC. You can try this method or use internet archive to play your favourite MS-DOS video games online.

Final thoughts:

Playing old archived video games was never that easy. People searched for old computers and retro video game consoles to play their favourite childhood video game once again. Smart developers and platforms like Gamulator made things much easier.

If you are concerned about using a third-party computer program to run a retro video game, do not worry about it. These programs are legally distributed to run old and outdated games. Although it is not authorized to use old video game ROMs, you won’t take any legal risk if you try this method.

You will get the ROM files for all the amazing classic video games without leaving any trace behind. That’s why Gamulator is the best destination to find classic video games.

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