Kvng Benji – “Breathe” (Official Music Video) Prod. Hozay Beats

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Watch the official music video of “Breathe” by Kvng Benji

Single for upcoming project “2Rich4Life”


From the trenches with killas and demons

Remember days I thought I was breathing

Niggas bitches they switch for no reason
Money hungry
So I started scheming

Found a way and I got put them trenches
Fell in love with the money expenses

Balling hard for the times we ain’t have it

Satisfied now im chilling in mansion

Ain’t no playing we focused on money
Wasn’t there for me when I was bummy

Inna shadow with demons around
Trapping early I feel like a mommmey

Hating on me , you gotta do betta
Niggas mad cuz I’m stacking this chedda

Spin the block we gone dump at who ever
Versatile I can switch up whenever

Stay humble and get to the bag
With my brothers , we neva gone crash
Bro stay inna back with the Mack
You speak onna 4s you know he gone spass

Catch a opp put him right on his ass
This choppa so long he searching for cash

In them streets it get kinda risky
Put your life onna line for the money

And rapping the only way out
So now i just need me a hit

So I’m tryna pray to the lord

Cuz I come from the trenches , I come from the slums
So no I ain’t really have shit (2x)

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