Latest iOS 14 Beta Adds Deep Shazam Integration to the iPhone

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Apple acquired Shazam in 2018 for $400million but has not been able to add deep integration in iOS since. In contrast, Shazam does work better on Android.

In the recent developer beta, iOS 14.2, the company has added built-in music recognition using Shazam on iPhones.

On iOS 14.2 beta, Apple has added the much needed built-in Shazam integration to the iPhone. The latest beta has added support music recognition from both internal and external sources, a feature that was already on Android since 2019. Shazam is also now available as a toggle easily accessible from the Control Center.

With the feature enabled, a little Shazam icon is shown when you swipe down from the top(or press the home button, depending on the iPhone model) to view the Control Center Panel.

Shazam on iOS 14 developer beta/Apple

Apple rolled out the stable version of iOS 14 a day ago, along with iPad OS 14, tvOS 14 and watch OS 7. For deeper Shazam integration, this feature is not available yet to the public — unless you’re part of the developer beta.

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