Millions of people are still using Windows XP

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Windows XP was launched in 2001 and laid to rest in 2014. Unfortunately, millions of people are using the long-defunct operating system to date. Data from NetMarketShare shows that as of August 2020, Windows XP was running on 1.26% of all laptops and desktop computers.

Sure, in terms of market share, Windows XP isn’t used by many, but the vast number of PCs around the globe means this number is in millions.

And even surprising enough is that Windows XP has a bigger market share relative to newer Operating systems like Google’s Chrome OS and Microsoft’s 2012 Windows 8.

According to NetMarketShare, Windows 8 accounts for 0.57 per cent, and Chrome OS only controls 0.42 per cent. Given the rough industry estimations that peg the number of PC’s to two billion, that could mean Windows XP is used by roughly 25 million users.

Windows 7 is the second-most used Operating system on laptop and desktop computers. In the period under review, Windows 7 commands 26.03 per cent of the market.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 remains the most popular laptop and desktop operating system. Windows 10 currently powers nearly 60 per cent of the PC market. In March, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 was running on over 1 billion devices globally.

However, here’s the most important bit of the statistics. The 1 billion devices not only include laptops and desktop computers, but also Xbox One consoles, and HoloLens devices.

Also, the figure only counts the number of devices that have been in contact with Microsoft’s servers in the past 28 days. It’s therefore hard to pin down the exact number of devices.

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