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Nadia Mukami got the chance to mentor young girls in her hometown, Mwihoko where she was brought up. Before the talk, she performed her hit song, Maombi for the first time in church.
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    Tears of Marriage

    Part one

    My wife had been cheating on me for two months now. I discovered it after I got her deleting messages from her phone. This was not her norm. Ever since I started dating her she had never deleted her texts neither did she walk around with her phone. So when I saw the sudden change in behavior, my eyebrows were raised. At first I didn't want to believe it since I loved my wife so much and I never wanted anything to happen between us. This trend continued for sometime to an extent of her not having sex with me. Whenever I touched her in bed, she complained that she was tired or not in the mood. I remember one day, after she reported from work she told me that she was so tired and I should excuse her for the night. Imagine having not played sex for the past three weeks and yet your are married and your wife is still giving you sometime off. The excuse; she is tired.
    That night I decided to confirm my worries, I went to bed early and pretended to sleep. My wife joined me in bed but instead of sleeping, her eyes were glued on her phone with earphones hanging from her ears. She was smiling all the way and I could not understand how a tired wife can stay awake up to midnight? After she slept, I took her phone to check the messages but it was locked. This raised my suspicion more. Why should she lock her messages if there is nothing cooking? I checked her call logs to see if it could give me a clue. Here I found one of her colleagues from work who has been a frequent caller. To my surprise, this man could call my wife more than four times a day. What I didn't understand was why call her when they were usually together in the office? Moreso every Monday, this guy came to my home to pick my wife as they went for the workshop. He was a married man and a leader in a local church. Since it was only call logs with no evidence at hand I opted not to ask her but instead do my own investigation and have concrete evidence so that I don't ruin my marriage just because of being insecure.
    The following day, my wife left earlier than usual. She had a special assignment to finish up before the deadline. As usual, I didn't touch her though I felt like having sex. It hurt me but there was nothing I could do about it.
    After she left, I contacted my friend to express my fears to her. She was her colleague and I just wanted to confirm if there was any special assignment my wife undertakes. Since I didn't want to make her realize that my wife had left, I asked her if she had gone to work which she declined telling me that they were having a remote day. This meant that none of them was to report to the office on that day. My wife had lied to me. With my worries confirmed, I decided to play her game, I called Fidelis; Fidelis was the wife to Henry who was my wife's colleague. I told her I want to talk to her husband but she told me he had left. He said he had an appointment with th pastor and since it was a remote working day, he thought it wise to go there in the morning so that he can be home later in the evening before it's late. I tried to join the dots. My wife left and Henry is not at home too. There must be something on, I told myself. Since I knew the pastor's home, I decided to pay him a visit just to confirm what Fidelis had told me. True, I found Henry there talking to the pastor.
    I called my wife to check on her but her phone went unanswered. Twenty minutes later, she called me back telling me that she had left her phone in her handbag and she was in the office. This could not add up since I heard soft music in the background. After this call, I texted Fidelis asking her if we could have a cup of tea later in the day. I needed a feminine figure around me. I had missed that feeling of love from my wife and I needed someone I could talk to and since I was suspecting that Henry was sleeping around with my wife, the best person to talk to was Fidelis. To my surprise, she agreed to meet me without hesitation. But she gave me a condition; we can't meet in the village. It must be away from the village to safeguard our dignity and the prying eyes of the village mongers. Since her husband was not at home, she suggested that we meet that day at Blue waves hotel. Since I had nothing to do in the house, I agreed.
    Two hours later, Fidelis arrived clad in a tightly fitting dress that showed all her feminine features. The dress ended just bow the knees exposing her beautiful legs with her feet in red sandals that matched perfectly with her brown skin. Her cleavage clearly visible. She gave me a sight that I desired in my wife which my wife had taken away from me. "You are beautiful Fidelis." I told her as she took her seat opposite to mine. "Thank you, but I wish my husband could see me as yo see me." She said pulling down her dress as she sat.

    Part 2 coming soon……… Video coming soon kindly subscribe, #tonyblessingskenya and don't forget to click the bell for notifications …..


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