Nafasi za Kazi NEEC, Manager of business development and facilitation

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i.  To  promote  and  advocate  for  enterprise  development  interventions required at the levels of micro, meso and macro;

ii.  To  identify  obstacles/hurdles  in  the  business  environment  and  works  for solutions;

iii.  To identify and advice on the measures to promote and support business ventures pioneered and run by Tanzanians;

iv.  To designate types of businesses which may be done by Tanzanians and those which may be owned jointly by foreigners and Tanzanians;

v.  To  develop  strong  relationship  and  networks  with  the  Stakeholders  in spearheading economic empowerment;

vi.  To facilitate formation of  institutions  earmarked  in  the  National  Economic Empowerment  Policy  to  enable  smooth  implementation  of  economic empowerment activities;

vii.  To  provide  technical  advice  and  facilitates  linkages  between  local  SMES and large local and international companies;

viii.  To identify, assess, and recommend potential private sector partners and partnership opportunities;

ix.  To  advice  and  follows-up  on  the  establishment  and  strengthening  of individual  or  communal  groups,  income  generating  groups,  cooperatives, partnerships or joint ventures in economic activities;

x.  To  forge  linkages  and  collaboration  with  various  Institutions  and Organizations  to  identify  business  opportunities  and  scout  for  different technologies, markets and financing opportunities;

xi.  To  work  collaboratively  with  various  actors of  economic  empowerment  to facilitate  transformation  of  the  economy  on  promoting  industrial development, investment, competitiveness and employment creation;

xii.  To  facilitate  and  advocate  issues  relating  to  economic  empowerment participation  through  targeted  interventions  to  achieve  more  inclusive


xiii.  To  ensure  and  work  closely with  players  of  economic  empowerment  on supporting  and  making  follow-ups  for  the  interventions  geared  towards creating  an  enabling  environment  for  new  enterprises  survival  and prospects for growth of existing enterprises;

xiv.  To  facilitate  and  develop  effective  strategies  and  mechanisms  for mobilizing  resources  to  support  various  business  development  services interventions’ on various clusters of entrepreneurs; and

xv.  To  perform  any  other  related  duties  as  may  be  assigned  by  Director  of Empowerment Facilitation and Local Content.

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