Oh! It’s On! Dave Grohl and Nandi Bushell challenge each other to a Drum Battle

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The Rock Gods of old! If legend be true. Bonzo, Baker, Peart, Moon, I call on you! These beats give me power, my screams are for you! Mr Grohl is a LEGEND, it’s an honour to battle you! THIS IS GOING TO BE THE GREATEST ROCK BATTLE IN THE HISTORY OF ROCK!!! Oh it’s ON!!! #teamnandi #teamgrohl #drumbattle #foofighters #davegrohl #ledzeppelin #cream #themcrookedvultures #rockgods #thor #gingerbaker #johnbonham #keithmoon #neilpeart #thewho #rush #thewhiteroom #immigrantsong
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    I just found this channel today. Nandi, you are amazing! Keep on rockin'!
    BTW, many of the songs and artists you enjoy playing along to are in the Rock Band video game series (there are more than 30 Foo Fighters songs in the series). I've been playing that for close to nine years and really enjoy it. You'd be a natural at it if you ever wanted to check it out.

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    Hey Nandi, let me take this opportunity to recommend Art Blakey, Buddy Miles, Mongo Santamaria, Tiki Fulwood, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, and Jon Fishman just to name a few. As Funkadelic says, "Can you get to that? I wanna know if you can get to that."

    Keep it up!


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