Ruby – By I

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Working smart like a businessmen, I’m working hard like a immigrant, counting up my dividends, dividing part for betterment, indulgence improvement, movement through music, threshold broken, Through portals Open, My Magnum opus, opening opportunity, I’m tuning in. I’m walking to constructed destination of my choosing, way to go. on the cross roads when bored. It’s a Doozy then. Listen to voices in your conscious or a figment friend. attention, attain the narrative you’re stuck in, apprehension, of yourself when the only nemesis. Obliteration, of justifications inhibiting,No bitching basically, Patiently painting pacing, just pardon me.


back at it, like grandma gamboling at backgammon, Back handed for my bad habits, god damned it, and even with practice still apprehended because Im hijackin, got Hyde jacket, I’m not hiding, i got tamed lions, some unchained giant, titans. Tight links, you blight next, I’m brightest. You spite, but get out shined every time ya bitch. Slide back on the bench, I’m a washing machine, watch me beat this timing, they only trying, I’m embodying constantly wisest Precisely

It’s Bomb classics, I out class captains, read the captions, they packing panicking at anarchy, I’m capping, I’m slapping, passing my hand through screen, tickling your feelings,

Come on please, I’m allegiance building, your team losing, why you not switching, you’re just bitching, how bewitched you be, bashing your head against your computer keys.

-Ya mad macs


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