ShowMax And DStv Now Streaming Resolutions Capped At 576p

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With the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, a number
of people are spending a significant part of their day at home. With social
distancing and all, people have time as they do work from home while others are
taking time off work.

With all these people spending time at home,
they will definitely want to stay entertained and one of the ways is to stream their
favourite movies, shows or just listen to music through the different platforms
including YouTube, ShowMax, Netflix etc. With all these people, there is some strain
on the ISPs as the rise in demand is unusual and unexpected.

Across the world, we have seen platforms like YouTube and Netflix implement measures that involve reducing default streaming qualities to lift
the strain imposed on the ISPs. MultiChoice, the company that runs DStv and
ShowMax had not yet implemented any changes until now.

According to MyBroadband, MultiChoice has lowered the streaming resolution of its DStv Now and Showmax
mobile apps. “We’ve limited the maximum resolution for both Showmax and DStv
Now live streaming to 576p on our mobile apps,” MultiChoice said.

576p is now the maximum resolution DStv Now and
ShowMax subscribers can watch videos at. In normal settings the maximum
resolution on these two platforms is usually 720p. If you are specific about
the resolution of videos you watch, you may notice some changes but otherwise
most people will be ok with what they get.

If you are using DStv Now and ShowMax on other
devices besides the mobile apps, these are the browsers, TVs or decoders, your
resolutions are not affected at this point. MultiChoice says it is monitoring
the situation and may make changes if that need arises.

Source: MyBroadband

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