Sponsorship and Program Facilitator (SPF) – Nafasi ya Kazi Dodoma

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Sponsorship and Program Facilitator (SPF) – Dodoma


Purpose of the position:
Effectively and efficiently facilitate Implementation of program development and sponsorship at the project level to ensure that communities are empowered for sustainable development and they contribute to child well being outcome as per World Vision standards
Communicate World Vision’s Christian ethos and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that is an example to others.
Major Responsibilities: (please define in output format – 1–6 things of what you expect to see as a result of this position)

Key Outputs/Responsibilities
(Accountabilities and results) Weight (%)
• Implementation and reporting of planned activities
• Participate in planning and budgeting, preparation of work plans, implementation of planned activities and monitoring/ reporting of progress.
• Facilitate and monitor the implementation of planned activities and community level engagements.
• Mobilize and facilitate the engagements of stakeholders during planning and development meetings, workshops and Seminars.
• Identify local level partners, support and facilitate the partnership in the implementation of planned activities.
• Facilitate stakeholders and partners in supervision and monitoring of programmatic activities.
• Support the collection and documentation of impact and success stories on monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annually. 20
• Community engagement and advocacy
• Sensitize community empowerment through TEAM approach by organizing commercial producer groups (CPG) and formation of commercial villages.
• Mobilize and facilitate integration of Vision Fund Tanzania(VFT) and Resilience Project Models such as Market Led Agriculture, Local Value Chain Development (LVCD), Standardized Saving Groups (eg Village loan saving Association (VSLA) and other Economic development initiatives
• Innovatively support communities including RC households to participate and benefit from the programme development and make intentional inclusion of RC families in CPG, VSLA, Village Community Bank (VICOBA) and other program economic activities
• Sensitize community on sponsorship (RC parents/ guardians, community leaders and other community members) and facilitate participation in the sponsorship management project activities
• Mobilize and facilitate active participation of children and their communities to participate in planning, monitoring and implementation and evaluation of community development initiatives.
• Build the capacity of children, families and community to collectively engage local leaders on identified issues.
• Follow-up on commitments by leaders on improvement of the wellbeing of children.
• Mobilize communities to participate in annual children care and protection days – such as the Day of African child. 25
• Management of sponsorship performance
• Monitoring of RC in line with partnership standards.
• RC records and files well managed and stored securely.
• Support RCs to correspond with sponsors in a timely manner.
• Facilitate processing of all special mails; Christmas cards, Spontaneous letters, APR, introductory letters within partnership standard.
• Support children to respond to sponsor correspondences- Sponsor letters and introductory letters.
• Support management of Support Office Queries, Gift Notifications, mails, and file copies of correspondences in children’s files.
• Conduct and produce quality periodic mailings Annual Progress Report – (APR) and Christmas Cards.
• Take quality pictures according to the required standards.
• Mobilize and support RC families to adequately prepare for and manage sponsor visits. 25
• Monitoring of Registered Children
• Support development of integrated monitoring plan in assigned area with ADP stakeholder
• Analyze STEP management report and follow up critical RCs findings by using case management tool
• Analyze Child well being (CWB) RC visits and Service Operation Indicator (SOI) reports from STEP and share them with ADP stakeholders
• Compile monitoring reports for management action.
• Hold monthly / quarterly meetings with Child Monitors and guardians/parents and child protection committees to address findings from monitoring.
• Identify, train volunteers/monitor, partners and train on sponsorship philosophy and partnership standard.
• Provide quality and accurate information on presence, support and benefit to enable entry in STEP database. 10
• Child Protection and Wellbeing
• Monitor the wellbeing and child abuse cases and report any accordance in line with child protection policy and guidelines.
• Work with local leaders to protection children from child violations and abuses on child protection.
• Sensitization of children including all RC on child protection.
• Sensitize children, guardians/parents and other stakeholders about children’s rights and responsibilities with a view to identify child violations.
• Facilitate spiritual nurture of children. 10
• Networking:
• Facilitate networking relationships and participation with wide stakeholders such as government, church, faith based organization leaders and other key partners at local level such as NGOs, CBOs, IGA groups
• Facilitate WVT/VFT integration for profitable agriculture, livestock production and enterprise development (high value agriculture crops and livestock breeds).
• Foster partnership with local institution in RC monitoring 10
PROFILE: Core Capabilities: (proficiency levels; 1=developing 2 =proficient 3=advanced)
Core Capability Proficiency level
(1, 2, 3) Examples of advanced proficiencies
(A full list of indicators available in Core Capabilities into Job Descriptions – Facilitator’s Guide)
Indv Ldr
Achieving Capabilities
Achieving quality results and service 2 1
• Clarifies goal and purpose of work tasks
• Completes tasks in a timely, cost effective manner
• Responds promptly in a professional manner
• Solves routine workplace problems quickly and efficiently
• Achieves predefined results and outcomes using ethical, efficient methods
• Clarifies the standards that need to be followed
• Demonstrates personal integrity and trustworthiness
• Pursues thoroughness and appropriate detail
• Communicates with integrity to different stakeholders
• Takes initiative to focus on quality outcomes and services to beneficiaries and customers
• Effectively communicate with others to create shared meaning and understanding
Practicing accountability and integrity 2 1
Communicating information effectively 2 1
Thinking Capabilities
Thinking clearly, deeply and broadly 2 1
• Identifies gaps, trends, priorities and key issues Understanding various sectors of the humanitarian industry, key stakeholders and operational context
• Identifies some historical changes in Humanitarian industry and stays aware of changing trends
• Lists key information sources that keep knowledge current
• Understands WV core documents (vision, mission, core values, covenant of partnership and ministry policies)
• Represents World Vision as a child focussed organisation
• Supports new approaches to work
• Finds fulfilment in work through creativity
Understanding the Humanitarian industry 2 1
Understanding WV’s mission & operations 2 1
Practicing innovation & change 2 1
Self-managing Capabilities
Demonstrating Christ-centered life and work 2 1
• Models a life style of Christ centred witness and service
• Respects WV’s core values in work and life
• Understands why work with the poor and disadvantaged children is important for followers of Christ
• Understands the basic beliefs of the Christian faith
• Respects and relates appropriately to people of other faiths
• Accepts and supports corporate spirituality
• Sets development goals and pursues learning both formally and informally
• Commits personal time to growth and development
• Receives feedback on performance and acts on it to improve performance
• Routinely look for opportunities to learn, improve, change and grow
• Maintains balance in work, life and relationships (especially family and friendship relationships and support networks)
• Prioritises many demands without losing focus
• Has realistic self awareness of abilities and development needs
• Manages personal emotions and their effects
Learning for growth and development 2 1
Maintaining work/life balance 2 1
Relational Capabilities
Building collaborative relationships 2 1
• Treats others with honour and respect
• Builds and maintains strong relationships
• Cooperates well with other team members
• Develops personal networks of effective relationships within World Vision
• Respects and is sensitive to different groups
• Adapts personal style to new environments and cultures
• Appreciates and embraces differences
• Understands own preferences, culture and perspective
• Expresses own beliefs in culturally appropriate manner
• Interprets and presents information with influence and impact
• Uses different styles to impact different individuals or groups
Other Competencies/Attributes:
• Must be a committed Christian, able to stand above denominational diversities.
• Perform other duties as required.

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and
The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:
• Minimum Qualification required: Diploma in Social Science from accredited College/University in Agric. Economics., Sociology, Community Development, Psychology & related field.
• Preferred: Degree /Advanced Diploma in Agric. Economics, Sociology, Community Development, Psychology & related field.
• Experience: 1 – 2 years in programming

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• High integrity.
• Partnering and engaging with stakeholders
• Ability to work with minimal supervision.
• Report writing skills
• Networking and influencing skills.
• Highly reliable and dependable.
• Passion for children.
• Skills in Programming.
• Ability to maintain effective working relationships with all levels of staff and donors
• Computer skills
• Community Facilitation skills
Working Environment / Conditions:
• Work environment: Few office work with frequent visits to the field
• Travel: 02% Domestic travel is required and On call: 05%


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