Apple Unveils Cheapest Beats Headphones Ever

Posted by - October 15, 2020

During its recent iPhone launch event, Apple finally unveiled the much-anticipated 5G enabled iPhones and made it clear that it won’t include EarPods and power brick inside the box. To make up for the unavailable EarPods, the company’s Beats brand did a separate reveal of the $50 Beats Flex Earbuds. The earbuds are the cheapest

With MagSafe, Apple is betting on a Wireless Future over USB Type-C

Posted by - October 14, 2020

What will definitely be one of the most-streamed events of 2020 has just come to an end. And Apple, the only tech company that can pull such numbers for a product launch, has announced 4 new iPhones: iPhone 12 Mini iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro MAX The company is jumping from

Why ONLY Apple guarantees 5 years of updates to its phones

Posted by - October 12, 2020

Apple will tomorrow, October 13th 2020, be announcing their new iPhones. Leaks suggest that this time, there will be four new devices. Two iPhone 12’s and two iPhone 12 Pros. These are expected to be the first iPhones supporting 5G, and though leaks suggest the design hasn’t changed since the iPhone X, we know for

Apple will release 2020 iPhones on October 13th

Posted by - October 7, 2020

The new iPhones are just around the corner, as Apple has finally pinned down a launch date.  The event will take place on October 13th from Apple Park. However, you will be able to live stream the event from anywhere around the world to stay in the loop of the announcements. The event will kick

Apple Stops Selling Rival Headphones and Speakers in its Stores

Posted by - October 7, 2020

Apple has stopped selling third-party headphones and speakers in its stores ahead of an imminent launch of its audio products. As Bloomberg reports, the company is no longer selling gear from Sonos Inc., Bose Corp., and Logitech International SA. After conspicuously selling equipment from third-party manufacturers directly via its e-commerce store, Apple yanked them all

SMS phishing scam pretends to be Apple “chatbot” – don’t fall for it!

Posted by - September 29, 2020

Aren’t SMSes dead? Aren’t they just plain old text anyway? Surely they’re of no interest to cybercriminals any more? Well, SMSes aren’t dead at all – they’re still widely used because of their simplicity and convenience. Indeed, as a general-purpose short message service – which is literally what the letters SMS stand for – it’s

Apple Announces Apple Watch Series 6 with new Blood Oxygen Sensor

Posted by - September 16, 2020

Apple’s popular smartwatch series, Apple Watch, has just got an upgrade. Called the Apple Watch Series 6, the new smartwatch now improves on where its predecessor left with a new sensor. Apple Watch Series 6 now can measure your blood oxygen – in just 15 seconds, the company said. It also can track your blood

Apple Sold Over Half a Billion iPads in the Last Decade

Posted by - September 16, 2020

During its Time Flies event, American tech giant, Apple, unveiled new hardware devices, excluding the iPhone 12 series, and a couple of new services. Surprisingly, Apple, for the first time since 2018, also revealed their sales numbers of the iPad. Speaking at the event, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company had sold over 500

Apple One Explained: What is Apple One? Pricing, and Features

Posted by - September 16, 2020

At its Timeless Event held virtually yesterday, Apple unveiled a slew of products as well as services. Apple One was one of them, a new service slated to launch later this year. Apple One bundles several services from the company, including  Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade, Apple News Plus, iCloud, and the newly

Apple Doesn’t Want You To Know About Apple Tax

Posted by - August 28, 2020

Apple doesn’t want its 30 per cent cut, so-called Apple Tax, known by many. Facebook wanted to do just that, but Apple rejected the company’s app update to the App Store. Facebook was to tell users blatantly that Apple will take 30 per cent of the total in the new online events feature. The iPhone