TECNO Pouvoir 4 Camera Review

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The TECNO Pouvoir 4 is one of the unique devices launched by TECNO this year. Here are a couple of reasons why I call it unique:

  • The huge 6000mAh battery
  • The huge 7-inch display
  • Being among the first devices in line to receive Android 11

In the section below titled FULL GALLERY you will see a couple of pictures I took with the device. Remember they’ve been reduced in quality when uploaded to the web.

Here are a couple of issues I noticed with the device camera:

  1. Highlights are still a big issue for the device. So the sky can always appear one colour even when there’s a lot happening.
  2. Focus is an issue when taking close-up pictures. Requires a lot of patience.
  3. Videos are quite shaky, so one needs good stabilisation to get good videos. Also, focusing when taking videos is a miss. Camera will keep jumping focus.

Anyways, here are the pictures. Share you comments down below, and check other articles included down below.

Full Gallery

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