Telkom Kenya Introduces the Kaduda 4G Phone Series in Kenya

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In a country like Kenya, not everyone can afford to get a pricey 4G smartphone. Just recently, we saw Safaricom introduced the Lipa Mdogo Mdogo smartphone plan whose aim is to get its subscribers using 2G devices to shift over to 4G powered devices. The company will be using the Safaricom Neon Ray Pro as one of the first devices on this plan. The phone is available for around Ksh 6,000.

Telkom Kenya is also getting into this plan, sort of, but the company has no smartphone plan like Safaricom. The new Kaduda 4G phone is the latest in the Kaduda series that started with the Kaduda 1, the Kaduda Selfie and the Kaduda Smart.

The first of the three devices is the T-Smart that is powered by KaiOS that may not be as robust as Android but still supports applications like Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube. It also supports 4G LTE as with the other new devices in this series. The T-Smart will be available for Ksh 3,100 in all Telekom shops as from today.

Steve Okeyo, Telkom’s Managing Director for Consumer says, “The Kaduda 4G is a significant upgrade in the Kaduda series that will allow more of our customers to have access to additional features and applications not seen in the previous devices.”

Telkom subscribers who purchases the T-Smart will receive a free daily introductory bundle of 100 MB of Data to browse the Internet. On top of this, the will also receive another free 100 MB of Data to access WhatsApp as well as another free 100 MB of Data to access Facebook. 100 minutes to call within the Telkom network also form part of this bundled offering, which will be renewed daily for a whole one month.

First-time subscribers to Telkom who purchase the T-Smart, and top-up their line with KSh 50 or more, will receive free 50 MB of Data to browse the Internet, another free 50 MB of Data to access WhatsApp as well as free 50 minutes of call within the Telkom network, daily, for the first 30 days. This offer will be replicated in the second month should the first-time subscriber maintain a top-up of KSh 100. The same free offer will also be extended to the subscriber’s third month on the network, if they top-up another KSh 100 or more.

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