Tujhe chahun Is qadar | Debolinaa Nandy | Arghya Babi Dutta | ft. Badal | Sudip l Original | Trailer

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Fan of 90’s Music ?? 90’s kid ?? Have some special memories from 90’s ??
Oh yess we all have some kind of special feeling for the music of that Decade form AASHIQUI to SAAJAN to DDLJ….
Soo my friends… if you to are into #90’s music…Then here’s a treat from my side at the end of this Year….
my first #Original in #90’s_style…
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Voice: Debolinaa Nandy
Starring: Debolinaa Nandy & Badal S.
Music & Compose: Arghya Babi Dutta
Lyrics: Sudip Bhattacharya
Mandolin: Arka Chatterjee
Mix & Master: Tarun Das
Recording Studio: Studio Violina

D.O.P: Pradip Bhuiya
Aerial: Aftabuuddin Khan
Choreographer: Mukesh Roy(Max)
Costume & Styling: Rudra Saha
Makeup & Hair: Sandy Da

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    আপনি এই ছেলের সাথে প্রায় সব গানের ভিডিও করেন,,,, এই ছেলে টা কি আাপনার বয়ফ্রেন্ড,,,,,,,

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    Dii ami Assam thki..tmr onk bro Fn..tmr insta,Fb,,youtube a tmr shte achi,tmr sob gulo vdo Te like cmnt & share kori..Love ew di 😍😍😍ekbr reply dau plz plz plz 🙏🙏

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    This Is The 2nd Birth Of "Divya Bharti". Debolinaa Didi You Look Like Divya Bharti Who Was My Favourite Actress. When I Found You, I was so Surprised.Go Ahead Debolinaa Didi…..❤💙💚💛♥💜❤


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