Twitter Makes Quoted Tweets Easy to Find

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Twitter is rolling out slight changes on its “retweet with comment” feature in a bid to make them easy to find. The first change is a rebrand. “Retweets with comments” has been renamed to “Quote Tweets.”

The second, and plausibly the most important, one is quoted replies have now been designated a dedicated section immediately after retweets in the Tweet detail view. Check the changes as shown in the image below.

Dedicated quote tweet section/ Twitter

Quoted tweets have come a long way on the platform. Twitter rolled out a built-in solution to help users quickly find quoted replies after the popularity of the @quoted_replies bot.

Late last year, when the company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, visited Africa, he met with the bot creator and hired him immediately. It was clear what to expect as a result.

Quote tweets has been under testing on the platform for several weeks and today marks the official rollout. Other tweet view details like Regular retweets, replies, and likes will still remain with dedicated sections.

The feature is rolling out on both Android and iOS via respective app stores.

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