Virah Full Song Cover – Bandish Bandits | Shankar Mahadevan | Amazon Original | Prachi & Pramith

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I literally have lost words on how you all loved our previous 3works for the covers of Bandish Bandits.
Seriously we all were overwhelmed.
Well needless to say that as we are coming towards a fitting end to the series of covers on the album of bandish bandits , we offer you another cover from our side. Love this too as you have warmly responded for the others.
Views are just numbers ,but the reactions, the abundance of comments (positive and negative) and all those shares you have done ,moved us. We felt charged up. We felt loved. We felt strong.
Long live Good Music. Long live Independent artists. Long live Good,Musically educated and loyal audience.
We are Grateful.
Yours truly , the boy who dreamt big.

Cover Credits-
Artits- Prachi & pramimth
Special thanks Ashish,Koushik

Song – Virah
Music – Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Singer – Shankar Mahadevan
Lyrics – Sameer Samant


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    Each and every cover that you've made from Bandish Bandits is absolutely fantastic. ❤️ But, this one is of next level. Pramith & Prachi, you guys are awesome. ❤️👍 This really touched my heart. Keep it up guys. All the best. ❤️💯

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    অ–বাক!!! গান টা শেষ না হলেই পারত!আরেকটু শুনতাম!আরেকটু মুগ্ধ হতাম!আর আরো আরো আরেকটু ভাবতাম,"এটা কী ছিল!!!" বিস্ময়..!! ক্ষণজন্মা তোমরা!!


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