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    Pls react to Celine Tam covered song I'll always love you when she was at he age 8. The latest of her covered song is Don't You Worry 'bout A Thing in Youth In Motion Online Charity Concert.
    Many tks & stay safe!

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    Celine Tam, Angelica Hale and Darci Lynn were all on AGT together. Celine tam and Angelica Hale both received a "Golden Buzzard" during Judges Cuts and both were 9 years old. Celine was voted out in the quarter finals (big mistake) , but returned home a national hero. Celine was the first Chinese Nationalist to receive a "Golden Buzzard" on AGT ( she's from Hong Kong and English is her second language). Celine received a second Golden Buzzard on The Worlds Got Talent. Angelica Hale went on to come in second in the finals. She also got a second "Golden Buzzard" on AGT The Champions. Darci Lynn was 12 years old got a "Golden Buzzard" with her audition and won AGT. If you don't know who Darci is, she is singing ventriloquist.

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    She was in the same season as Angelica Hale and was eliminated in the quarter finals, when Angelica was in the final two…both were the same age (I think Tam was one year older), but both of them were excellent and each will go far. In the final, Angelica sang "Symphony"…it was incredible


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