WhatsApp Usage Increases by 40% As the Coronavirus Pandemic Forces People to Stay Home

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It seems like we have to talk about the
coronavirus pandemic as it affects us in more ways than we imagine. The
pandemic has affected lives all over the world and the current recommendation
by most governments for citizens is to stay at home and/or practice social distancing.

With people staying at home, the need to
communicate with their friends, families or colleagues has led to more people
to use messaging apps like WhatsApp. The Facebook-owned company has seen a 40%
increase in usage according to Kantar,
a data and consulting company.

WhatsApp is quite popular in most markets and
has been even before this pandemic. With the pandemic and people staying at
home, usage of the messaging platform was to go up at some point.

During the early stages of the pandemic,
WhatsApp usage rose by 27% and has been on the upward trajectory ever since. In
Spain, WhatsApp usage rose by 76%, quite high and probably the highest so far.
Spain has been hit hard by this pandemic so it makes sense to see these

The report also pointed out that WhatsApp,
Facebook and Instagram saw an increase in usage of over 40% from users below
the age of 35 years. These are the preferred apps for personal communication for
most people across the globe.

For workplace-messaging. Slack and Microsoft
Team service are the preferred choices and both have seen an increase in usage
since the onset of the pandemic. Slack added over 7000 paying customers between
February 1 and March 17. Microsoft Team service has gained 12 million active
daily users in seven days.

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