YouTube to Let You Choose the Default Video Quality on Android

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When it comes to streaming videos on YouTube,
there are those who want the highest resolution possible. This was not possible
on Android as in most cases the default resolution on mobile was 480p. Even
though some people are ok with this, others aren’t.

The default resolution is just that and as you probably
already know, there are options to change to a higher resolution if you wish to
do so.

For those who have always wanted a higher resolution
to be the default setting on Android, you may be getting your wish. YouTube plans
to soon let you choose the default quality setting on the mobile app. Well,
this should kick in once the worst of coronavirus is behind us as right now the
company is setting the default
video quality to 480p
for a month so as not to strain the networks.

XDA has spotted the code in the latest version of YouTube for Android that hints on the possibility of implementing a default quality setting that would let users choose between “high,” “low,” and “auto” bitrates. The exact resolutions of the videos have not been specified but those are details we should know at a later date.

Either way, this is a good option and I would
love to have it as I do watch a good number of videos on my phone and always
love watching them in full resolution.

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