Zuku Introduces Internet Speeds in Kenya of 500 Mbps

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For Internet service providers, the faster the speeds you can provide your clients, the more bragging rights you have. This is true even if the end customers never get half of the speeds they claim to support. From a marketing point of view, this is a good strategy as it can show people the company’s capabilities and attract new customers while on it.

This may or may not be what Zuku is doing with the announcement of the fastest internet speeds in Kenya. The company has announced that it has introduced 500MBps speeds on its Triple Play 500Mbps package.

These are the theoretical top speeds and most customers will not be able to get close to this but it is what the company has on record. The company has not backed up the claims with any sort of evidence and all we can do is take their word on this.

The Zuku 500 Mbps Triple Play Package offers internet speeds at 500 Mbps, Digital TV with access to over 130 channels and telephony services at Ksh 2 per minute to all networks. Zuku is yet to share any details of the pricing of its 500 Mbps package but it should be expensive as these are the rates for some of its other Triple play packages.

Zuku Triple Play – 10Mbps at Ksh 2,799 per month

Zuku Triple Play – 20Mbps at Ksh 4,199 per month

Zuku Triple Play – 60Mbps at Ksh 5,299 per month

Some other triple play packages are available 100Mbps, 200Mbps and 500Mbps.

Zuku Internet only packages

Zuku– 10Mbps at Ksh 2,499 per month

Zuku– 20Mbps at Ksh 3,099 per month

Zuku– 60Mbps at Ksh 4,999 per month

I have reached out to the company for clarification on the speeds and if they have any evidence to support their claims and if its customers should expect these speeds all the time. I will update this article if I get any feedback on that.

Reliability is better than faster speeds

We would all want faster speeds but to be honest it is more of a bragging right that a necessity. Service reliability is what matters the most and this is what customers want. There are not that many people who would need 500 Mbps speeds or even half of that but if for some reason I end up having it, I will not complain.

I say reliability is key as this has been my experience with JTL Faiba 4G. I haven’t used the service for long and tried it last week and the speeds were not that good and service reliability in general was very bad. The speeds fluctuate so much and I never got half the speeds I had when I was actively using the service almost 2 years ago. Their affordable packages and promise of 4G LTE speeds do not mean anything to me right now as the service is unusable as it is.

As for Zuku, some of its customers tend to have serious reliability issues with the service but some seem to be good. This is almost the same with the other service providers including Safaricom. The dynamics of providing internet services to home users vary and as long as Zuku can live up to the hype and the end customers get speeds close to even half of 500 Mbps, the package might be a hit.

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